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Plainfield Co-op’s New Management Team

Over this past winter, the Plainfield Co-op made the transition from having a General Manager to having two Co-managers. We thank our former GM, Jamie Lewis, for your time with us. We wish you all the best and congratulations to our new Co-managers, Jezebel Crow and Stanzi Scribner.

Our new Operations Manager, Jez, has been working at the Plainfield Co-op since August 2015. She started on the “Cinderella Shift,” the name for the weekend closing shifts once upon a time. She moved on to mostly produce shifts, loving working with the local farmers and real, healthy food. She started buying for the Herb department, then took on Cheese, Coffee, Bakery, and eventually Produce. As other departments opened, she took them on, so now she buys for Refrigerated, Dairy, and Meat. When Jamie announced that he was stepping down as the general manager, Jez said she would be happy to step up and facilitate operation of the store. When she is not at the Co-op, she lives out in the woods in a cabin she built by hand, where she keeps chickens, goats, mules, and dogs. She reads voraciously, and studies astrology and mycology.

Our new Administrative Manager, Stanzi, started at the Co-op as a sub in the fall of 2018, and once we switched to only curbside pickup during COVID, she started working regular shifts three days a week. She enjoyed having regular shifts here and learned so many different things. When the general manager at the time, Peter Youngbaer, asked if she was interested in becoming a permanent/regular employee, she accepted. She continued as a cashier, training in various areas of the Co-op so she could cover in any area if needed, but she still felt like she wanted more from her job here. When the Administrative Assistant position was brought to her attention, she jumped at the chance and, in September of 2021, was promoted. Since then, she has loved having a new perspective, working more behind the scenes making sure payroll is processed every two weeks, vendors are getting paid weekly, and that we have the supplies we need for the store (among other things). Of course, when the Administrative Manager position came up, she couldn’t resist applying for it as well, furthering her career and taking on even more responsibility than she has had here in the past. She is excited for this opportunity to work alongside Jez as Co-managers, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Co-op.