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New Paint Preserves Capital City Grange Hall

The Capital City Grange is looking as good on the outside as it does on the inside, thanks to the recently completed exterior painting. The project was partially funded by a grant from the 1772 Foundation in cooperation with The Preservation Trust of Vermont. Matching funds for the project were provided by community member donations to the Friends of the Capital City Grange Hall, a 501(c)(3) charity, which works in collaboration with the Capital City Grange to maintain and improve the building as a community hall and cultural arts venue. Both organizations are all-volunteer, non-profit corporations .

The Capital City Grange Hall, built in 1953, is an excellent example of a purpose built Grange Hall and looks a lot like the cover of a 1920’s booklet titled “Grange Hall Suggestions.” The building has been used continuously as a Grange Hall since its construction. The building has extra wide clapboards with a 7 inch reveal that are in excellent condition, making preserving the façade with professional scraping and painting a good choice.

Patty Giavara, president of the Friends of the Capital City Grange Hall described the significance of the project. “Painting the exterior is like putting a beautiful bow on the building which has undergone significant interior upgrades over the past fifteen years. It looks fantastic and we’ve preserved the historic materials and look of the building exterior.”

Before the project, the outside of the Capital City Grange Hall with its peeling paint didn’t provide a positive first impression as community members and prospective renters approached the building. With professional painting by Travis Hodgkins Painting, the exterior of the building is now as welcoming as the interior spaces.

“The building exterior will now provide a great first impression to community users and prospective renters; it will help the Grange to increase use of the Hall for all types of events” said Tim Swartz, President of the Capital City Grange #469.

For more information about the Capital City Grange Hall including rentals and upcoming events visit capitalcitygrange.org or call (802) 229-9425.