Home Press Release After the Flood, After the Fire, Charlie-O’s is Re-Re-Opening ‘A Dive for Nice People’

After the Flood, After the Fire, Charlie-O’s is Re-Re-Opening ‘A Dive for Nice People’

70 Main Street, Montpelier, VT 05602
(802) 223-6820

For Immediate Release

MONTPELIER, VT (MAY 1, 2024): Charlie-O’s is thrilled to announce the long anticipated re-opening of “A Dive for Nice People” on May 2, 2024, at 2pm, located at 70 Main Street, Montpelier, VT.

In the wake of the July 2023 flooding, the crew of the local dive bar found a way to be open. Just as they had during the pandemic, they brought the bar outside. The updated veranda space opened to their community while in recovery mode in early August. Efforts continued inside throughout the summer to restore the historic dive bar and by early October the bar was able to open its doors to the public. Just three weeks later on October 28th, 2023 they were closed yet again by a fire that spread from a neighboring building. The bar was evacuated in the midst of a Halloween surf rock show and local fire departments worked tirelessly to contain the blaze and save the historic building. With significant damage to the bar and the chill of winter settling in, finding a way to reopen would take a bit longer this time.

Charlie-O’s entered a second round of recovery, essentially starting the devastating process of rebuilding the bar all over again. It was truly disheartening for their incredible staff to reenter uncertain times so soon after reopening, but once more the crew helped take on the task of bringing it all back to life. It would take time but they’d make it happen.

The iconic photos and artifacts that tell the story of a “World Famous” history were taken off the walls, salvaged, restored and expanded on. They now line the walls once more but likely have changed their location. The bathrooms, still labeled with signs that say “HEAVEN” and “HELL”, have a fresh look that makes it difficult to tell the difference. Live music will resume with an updated PA system, pinball machines will be back in action and yes, they’ll have pool tables!

Charlie-O’s has been Montpelier’s local dive bar since 1976. It has always been a dive bar. Before that it was the Toolshed. Before that the Pines. All three were notorious in their own way and dearly loved. The building itself has served as a town watering hole and tavern for nearly 150 years. It has existed since before the Civil War and has gone through remarkable events in history: WWI, WWII, the Depression, The Civil Rights Movement, the Moon Landing, Vietnam, The Women’s Rights Movement, Hair Metal, Y2K, Same Sex Marriage and The Pandemic. During Prohibition drinks and bottles were served out the back door. Some bootlegged, some smuggled from Canada. The building survived the Great Flood of 1927 that destroyed most of the town as well as multiple other floods and fires, including the Great Fire of Montpelier. Each time it came back looking a little different than before while remaining authentic and true to itself. Good Drinks And Bad Company has endured.

This closure has been unprecedented in length and the overwhelming support from the community and staff during this time has only grown. Now, the wait is finally over. The latest installment of Charlie-O’s opens inside on May 2nd and a Grand Opening Celebration will be held when the veranda opens on May 12th. Welcome back to Charlie-O’s. See you all there!