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Advertising in The Bridge is a great way to both get the word out about what you’re offering and support your local independent paper. We print 10,000 copies of the paper, and distribute them at a wide range of Washington County locations — plus, each issue is mailed free to every 05602 household. Our focus is ultra-local, our stories are well written, our paper is professionally edited and laid out and we’ve got one of the most comprehensive and well-read online local events calendars. We’ve got a reputation as a quality paper, and we have a strong following of local readers who care about the issues and people that matter to our community. Advertising in The Bridge works!

New feature of the “Internet and Print” combination for all ads. All print display ads will also be posted to The Bridge website in random rotation, with a click-through hotlink to the website or landing page of your choice, at a Level 1 frequency of rotation. For a more frequent occurrence in random rotation on the website a Better choice of Level 5 is available for an additional cost of 5% more added to the cost of the ad. For Best frequency, Level 10 is available for an additional cost of 10% more added to the cost of the ad.

This Internet/Print combination provides a powerful method for your message for the Central Vermont readers and viewers of The Bridge to be seen, thought about, and acted upon.

We offer display advertising, classifieds, real estate listings and inserts, plus opportunities for advertising in or sponsoring a variety of supplements and special issues over the course of the year. For more information on current ad deals and specials, contact Rick at rick@vtbridge.com or 802-249-8666.


Current display ad rates are $17.50 per column inch. We run on four columns, with a maximum height of 14 inches.

Inserts are $65.00 per 1,000 single sheet 8 ½ x 11 inserts, no discounts.

Classifieds are $25.00 for up to 50 words and $0.50 per each additional word over the first 50 words.

Premium Placement: Requests to have your ad appear in a particular place within the paper will be accommodated for an additional 10% fee.

Color for Ads: $2.50 per column inch, $25.00 minimum, no discounts.


10% discount for 4 to 6 ads, 20% for 7 or more ads (over 6 months; for ads 6 column inches and larger only)
5% discount if prepaid
5% discount for nonprofits

Ask about our Bulk Column Inch Rate discounts.

Design Details 

1 column = 2.39 inches
2 columns = 4.937 inches
3 columns = 7.469 inches
4 columns = 10 inches

PDF, JPG, and TIF files accepted. Send all files at 300 dpi.

We can also design your ad for you! We provide design services at no additional charge. Just ask!


Advertising deadline is the Friday before publication.