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The Bridge, a free, independent, and local” newspaper serving Central Vermont, aims to strengthen the bonds between the people and communities of Central Vermont by covering the stories that matter most to them and providing a platform for communication.

Within our pages, you can engage with political and business leaders, investigate the region’s most important issues, share perspectives with neighbors, weigh the big decisions to come, and celebrate local achievements.


Cassandra Hemenway, Editor-In-Chief

P.O. Box 1143Montpelier, VT 05601

(802) 223-5112

P.O. Box 1143Montpelier, VT 05601

(802) 223-5112

P.O. Box 1143Montpelier, VT 05601

(802) 223-5112

Casandra Hemenway, Editor-In-Chief

Cassandra’s roots in community journalism date back to the the mid 1990s, when she got her start as the staff reporter at the Hardwick Gazette immediately after earning a master’s degree in journalism from the Boston University College of Communication. She has written for the Times Argus, Seven Days, Writers Magazine, Kids VT, Green Living Journal, Green Energy Times, the Valley (MA) Reporter and a slew of parenting magazines. She also spent 10 years at the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District as its outreach manager, creating written and visual content about zero waste living. She lives in Montpelier with her family and a sweet dog named Jasper. Email: editor@montpelierbridge.com

Paul Gambill, Operations Manager

Paul moved from Nashville, TN to Montpelier in 2009 with his family and has been active in the arts and music scene here every since. He was Music Director of the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra for five years, and co-founded the Community Engagement Lab, which provides professional learning and planning retreats for educators and teaching artists to design creative projects that improve school and community well-being. He is very happy to be able to bring Jasper, his Golden Retriever, to the office to hang out with Cassandra’s Jasper. Email: ops@montpelierbridge.com

Carla Occaso, contributing editor

Carla served as managing editor of The Bridge from 2014-2017, and returned in the wake of the 2020 pandemic. A Montpelier native, journalism is in her blood. She started as editor of the U-32 student newspaper. She later became a writer/photographer and editor for The Caledonian-Record; correspondent and contributor for The Times Argus, Burlington Free Press, and other publications. She also works as a teacher and Interventionist. Email:  carla@montpelierbridge.com    

Rick McMahan, advertising director

Rick has over 30 years of advertising, marketing, graphic design, photography, and videography experience at the Times Argus, Vermont Life, Vermont Times, VOX, and as the Vermont Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Advertising. Rick has been with The Bridge since 2009. Rick’s volunteer work includes his role as a NASA Solar System Ambassador. He lives in Barre, with his wife, Stephanie. Email: rick@vtbridge.com

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