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Then and Now, June 12, 2024

When the historic Arch Building was removed from Main Street in 1883, the bottom of the new East State Street became available for development. A five-unit tenement, shown in the historic photograph above, was built on the south side of the street a year later. In 1940 the entire building was moved down the street and turned 90 degrees by businessperson Harry Sheridan to make room for a new, one-story A&P grocery (see The Bridge, May 8–21, 2024). The building is shown in the photo below as it stood in 1990, just before it was demolished to make room for a modern office building (bottom photo), following the footprint and form of the older building that stood on the site.

Historic photos courtesy of Vermont Historical Society and the Montpelier Assessor’s Office;
text and contemporary photo by Paul Carnahan