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Hunger Mountain Co-op Hires In-House for New General Manager

Mary Mullally. Courtesy photo.
Hunger Mountain Co-op’s council announced Monday June 24 that interim general manager Mary Mullally has been promoted to be its new general manager, starting on that same day.

“With years of experience and dedication under her belt, Mary has proven herself a key asset to the team,” stated a June 24 press release from the co-op.

Longtime staffer Mullally was promoted to the role of interim general manager in the fall of 2023, after then-general-manager Kari Bradley resigned after 19 years in the role amid a sexual harassment scandal that erupted at the co-op over that summer. The incident caused a community and staff uproar over a sexual harassment/luring incident that involved a teenage worker who had been allegedly sexually harassed and lured by her supervisor during and outside of work hours. 

Mullally began working at Hunger Mountain Co-op nearly 20 years ago, when she first joined as a cashier. She rose through the ranks, holding various positions, including manager on duty and storekeeping manager, according to the HMC release, which noted that, before working at HMC, Mullally worked at Ben & Jerry’s as a store manager and left the company in 2003, when Unilever took ownership. In the subsequent year, she started a nonprofit that supported children in Trinidad and Tobago.

Also per the release: “During her time at the Co-op, Mary has gained valuable insights into the business while overseeing safety, security, receiving, storekeeping, and Managers on Duty. As part of our senior management team, she has played an essential role in planning and executing capital expenditures, budgets, and has participated in visioning and planning exercises.

“We are delighted to have this experienced and respected employee step into the GM position. A big welcome, therefore, to Mary Mullally as our new General Manager! We believe exciting opportunities lie ahead for Hunger Mountain Co-op and look forward to serving our community better than ever before.”