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From the Editor’s Desk: Join Us for a Cash Mob

Image: Vecteezy.com
We have heard from local business owners about how hard things are right now. As one example, Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft — a worker-owned craft chocolate company that served killer lattes and pay-what-you-can meals — suddenly closed on June 1. In the weeks leading up to the closure, talk of supporting downtown businesses, particularly through “cash mobs,” has peppered social media, Front Porch Forum, and other local venues as part of a bigger discussion about how downtown businesses are hurting.

We’ve been listening, and decided to organize a cash mob to boost sales at several downtown businesses (in what we hope will be a series of similar events organized by other groups) to support our friends and colleagues, on June 22. 

Want to join us? Here’s the scoop:

  • Fill out our super short online form so we have an accurate headcount: bit.ly/TheBridgeCashMob.
  • We’ll meet in front of the Montpelier City Hall at 10:30 a.m. June 22.
  • We’ll announce which stores to shop in when we meet.
  • Bring cash: spend as little or as much as works for you.
  • We’ll meet at a designated local eatery (or split up between a few) after shopping.
Why are we doing this? The Bridge is part of this community and we rely on a thriving local economy as much as everyone else. Also, our community has been good to us, and we want to give back.

What is a “cash mob?” A cash mob is just what it sounds like: an organized group of people, cash in hand, who show up to shop at a few local stores on a designated day to support local businesses.

Why do it? We recognize that a sales boost on one day is not going to fix the problems faced by our downtown businesses. We hope it will serve as a morale boost and contribute to the message to shop local. 

How do you pick which businesses to target? We at The Bridge do not have the capacity to organize a cash mob for every business in town. But we can organize one event, targeting three businesses. We have consulted with a couple of local business owners and Montpelier Alive to get ideas of where to start. After shopping, we invite participants to meet up at one or more downtown eateries to socialize (in coordination with the owners so we don’t literally mob them).

While we can offer this one cash mob right now, we’d like to pass the baton to another individual or organization to plan others throughout the summer. Please reach out to us at editor@montpelierbridge.com if you’d like ideas for how to get started.

Rabble-Rouser’s unexpected closure sharpens the reality faced by downtown businesses: there are fewer feet on the street, and possibly higher overhead expenses from post-flood loans and post-COVID losses, along with the loss of the state workers who used to dine and shop downtown and are now working remotely. While our little cash mob can’t solve all of the issues at hand, we hope it will inspire you to share the love for our vibrant downtown.