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Thank You for the Fundraising Boost!

As a nonprofit news organization, The Bridge doesn’t have any shareholders. This allows us to pursue the type of independent, local, high-quality journalism we know you depend on. It also means that we rely on our readers to support The Bridge, and your support matters.

We’re honored that in 2023, the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) recognized The Bridge’s value to the community and accepted it into a national fundraising matching program. We’re thrilled to announce that we met our NewsMatch goal, thanks to hundreds of end-of-year donations. In March, INN sent their funding match of $15,805 — a huge boost toward our $60,000 annual fundraising goal.

We believe that an independent press is fundamental to a healthy democracy. That’s why The Bridge has remained committed to shining a light on central Vermont for over 30 years. We’re grateful to our readers who keep us going, and we look forward to delivering another year of high-impact reporting on the community issues that matter!

As part of our ongoing efforts to reach our annual goal, The Bridge now has a fundraising committee. If you are interested in joining this committee, or volunteering to help with specific projects, please send your contact info to our board co-president Nancy Reid at nancysreid@gmail.com.

We welcome your support all year long, either by pledging a monthly donation or making a one-time gift. Any amount you give will help our newsroom continue to do what it does best — produce journalism that serves you, not shareholders.