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Heard on the Street, May 8, 2024

Image from Vecteezy.

Barre to Pilot Porta Potties for Homeless Individuals

Two portable toilets are on track to be installed in Barre City this summer, primarily for use by homeless individuals. Following discussion in meetings by the Homelessness Task Force and the Barre City Council in March and April, Barre City Manager Nicolas Storellicastro added a line item in the budget for the cost of two portable toilets to be installed in July. Storellicastro was able to find a vendor who charges $205 per unit per month, an annual cost of $4,920, according to minutes from the Homelessness Task Force meeting held April 3. Storellicastro included the cost as a pilot project in a budget presentation to the city council April 11, according to Barre City Council minutes. The units would be located near churches where those experiencing homelessness receive other services. Other toilets available to the public include those at city hall, the Aldrich Public Library, and the public safety building, but they are not open 24 hours, Storellicastro said.

PD Finds Unhoused People at Montpelier Park and Ride

The Montpelier Police Department found several unhoused people while helping the Vermont Agency of Transportation clean up the park and ride on Dog River Road in Montpelier, according to the May 3 city manager’s report. When the unhoused people were identified, they were offered resources for assistance. The park and ride is owned by the state of Vermont and is scheduled to be under construction soon. Additionally, the Montpelier Police Department’s health clinician will be conducting site visits to other encampments to connect people with resources, including mental health support.

Floating Bridge Under Repair

The iconic floating bridge in Brookfield is undergoing repairs for damage caused by flooding in 2023. It has been closed to the public since November, according to Brookfield Town Clerk Carol Monness. She said the project is being managed by the state of Vermont, but that it is scheduled to reopen by June. The floating bridge crosses Sunset Lake and is a “historic structure which was originally built in 1820,” according to the VTrans website. The bridge started out as logs on the ice that remained floating through the summer, and then had six different versions of methods for making the bridge float, including using whiskey barrels in 1936. The present version uses pontoons with timber decking, sidewalk, and railing.

Brookfield Got a Counterfeit Tax Check

Brookfield’s assistant treasurer, Amy Ingrassia, reported to the select board on April 9 she received a counterfeit check to pay for taxes, according to meeting minutes of that date. Town Clerk Carol Monness passed the information on to town attorney Mike Monte, the minutes state. The matter had not yet been resolved as of April 24, according to Monness, who said in a call from The Bridge, “It’s ongoing.”