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A Message from City Hall: Department of Public Works Summer Projects 

Photo by Carla Occaso.
By Zach Blodgett, Deputy Director of Public Works

The arrival of springtime weather means “Construction Season” in Vermont is about to begin. Here in Montpelier, we have a long list of repairs and infrastructure projects to keep us busy throughout the year. In addition to the normal amount of road work and construction projects, we’re also dealing with damage caused by the catastrophic flooding we experienced in July 2023. 

The following is a list of major projects and maintenance items that will be completed by Streets, Water/Sewer, and Engineering over the course of the summer.


Crack sealing is a pavement treatment that involves placing an adhesive sealant into cracks to prevent water and other materials from entering the pavement. The following streets will be crack sealed this summer: National Life Drive, Deerfield Drive, Greenfield Terrace, Clarendon Avenue, Redstone Avenue, Jordan Street, Sunnyside Terrace, and Bailey Avenue. This list covers about 2.35 miles of road that will be preserved. 

Fog sealing is a technique that involves applying a thin asphaltic spray to the surface of the asphalt to preserve and improve its life. The following streets will be fog sealed: Greenock Avenue, Dyer Avenue, Westwood Drive, Dover Street, Phillips Street, Liberty Street, and Towne Street. This list covers 1.62 miles of roadway that will be preserved. 

The following streets will be milled and repaved this summer: Holmes Court, Pearl Street, Spring Street, Summer Street, Vine Street, and Winter Street. This work represents 0.95 miles of roadway that will be repaved. 

Public Works has submitted a Town Highway grant to repave Elm Street. If awarded, this would be included in the mill-and-repave list for an additional 0.34 miles of roadway. 

Reconstruction and repaving projects are a combined effort between the street division and the paving contractor. Public Works will prep the roadway to reduce the overall project cost. Streets repaved are Cummings Street, Hillside Avenue, Mather Terrace, Bingham Street, and Marvin Street. Crews will focus on portions of the road in the worst condition. This list represents 0.55 miles of roadway that has been reconstructed and repaved. 

ECI will repave the area on State Street that was dug up due to the drainage and sewer project last summer. This work will begin at the end of May/early June. 


The major water project for in-house crews this summer will be replacing the water main along Bingham Street between Marvin and East State streets. This work is approximately 500 feet of new main that will be replaced in an area that has experienced several leaks. The project is anticipated to be completed by August so that the road can be reconstructed. 


The major in-house sewer project for this summer is the replacement of a failing section of the sewer main along Terrace Street. This work is anticipated to occur once Bingham Street has been completed. 


There are many different engineering projects that will happen this summer. These are complex projects involving several stakeholder groups. 

  • Four 3-acre permit sites: To comply with the three-acre regulations, an engineering design will be completed for Third Graves Farm, Country Club Road, Green Mount Cemetery, and the recreation field on Elm Street.
  • LiDAR inspection: DPW and Planning received a grant to perform an analysis of the road conditions throughout the town. 
  • East State Street: This project will install a new stormwater outfall through the Rialto Bridge abutment and is being designed and managed in-house. 
  • Stump Dump: to comply with regulations, an engineer is being hired to develop a grading and facility management plan. 
  • Water Service Line Inventory: As part of the revised lead and copper rule, all municipalities must conduct a service line inventory to identify lead in galvanized lines. This work is being completed by MSK engineers. 
  • Grout Road Bridge: This project will finish the bridge replacement in 2023. The work is being completed by Winterset and is anticipated to be completed around July. 
  • Water Resource Recovery Facility Upgrades: The city is in the final design of an upgrade to the Water Resource Recovery Facility that includes odor control, secondary clarifier improvements, and biosolids drying. The biosolids drying equipment has long lead times and this equipment is anticipated to be bid out by the end of May. 
  • Barre and Main Street intersection: VTrans is finalizing a contract with a firm for the preliminary and final design of the railroad crossing portion of the project.

Flood and Hazard Mitigation Grant Projects

The July flooding severely impacted Montpelier’s built and natural infrastructure. Public Works is planning to complete several flood-related repairs as well as move forward on projects to mitigate future flooding. 

  • 1 Prospect Street 
  • Dickey’s Dam
  • 217 North Street
  • 557 North Street 
  • 36–48 Deerfield Drive
  • Finch Road
  • Elevating Dog River Road
  • Bailey Avenue Bridge clean-up
  • Marvin Street slope repair
  • Country Club Road
  • Pump stations
  • District heat
  • Traffic signals and lighting 
  • Vegetative debris
  • Building repair support


Public Works performs many different types of maintenance activities throughout the year. 

Part of our “Spring Cleaning” routine is to set out and maintain all the downtown amenities that help make Montpelier a welcoming place for visitors and residents. Our crews have set out bike racks, flower barrels, and distinctive “M” benches throughout the downtown area. 

Our list includes:

  • Trash pick-up
  • Bench installation
  • Flower pot installation
  • Hanging downtown banners
  • Spring damage repairs
  • Pavement markings
  • Event assistance
  • Hydrant flushing 
  • Street sweeping
  • Hydrant orifice plates, painting color codes for available flow, and maintenance 
  • Sewer line cleaning
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Pump station maintenance
  • Dig Safe requests
  • GRIT support
  • Catch basin rebuilds
  • Pavement repairs
  • Fence repairs
  • Sign replacements, street lights, and traffic signals
This list, while extensive, does not cover everything on our to-do list this construction season. To stay up to date on DPW activities, please sign up for the DPWNews, our department’s weekly newsletter at montpelier-vt.org/liStreetaspx