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A Legislature on a Dangerous Course

Image by Vecteezy.
By Gina Galfetti

The incompetence of the Legislature this session is more glaring and offensive than ever. Members incapable of original thought have simply nodded their heads and followed the herd off the cliff by passing legislation that is raising costs for every day Vermonters. 

The failure of the yield bill (H.887) to yield any real savings on education is a shell game and does not create any of the much-needed structural changes to the education funding system. It instead offers up yet another costly study rather than a solution, and as a result, taxes will continue to trend upward. 

From the Renewable Energy Standard to the Climate Super Fund, Vermonters will continue to pay for a mirage that promises effective climate change legislation but yields no discernible results. In fact, these bills will simply increase costs of living in the form of higher energy bills and higher taxes to pay for endless litigation. 

In these uncertain and concerning times in Vermont, those in the ultra-liberal Democratic and Progressive super majority are gambling that Vermonters have more to give. We do not! The reality is that Vermonters have already given up too much, sending both young and old out of the state in droves. Vermont is no longer a place in which Vermonters can afford to live.

What we need to turn the ship is balance. We are already going full speed ahead. It is time to throw the ship into a hard turn and vote in Republicans and moderate Democrats, not activists with an agenda to push, and not nice people who are willing to do whatever their leaders tell them to do! We need to try and undo the harm the super majority has caused through the passage of unfunded mandates. We need to vote for people who can work together and listen to the voices of their constituents rather than assert that they alone know better.

Tax and spend is unsustainable, and Vermonters cannot continue to foot the bill for things like so-called Green Energy solutions. We cannot continue to see higher and higher property tax bills while the education system remains unreformed and students’ test scores continue to fall. And we certainly cannot afford to pay $31,000,000 (from the Ed Fund!) for programs such as universal school meals. School meals are already covered for low-income students through the federal school lunch program. The program is not utilized by many students, in fact some high-income students, who disdain school food, are busy ordering their lunches through Door Dash!

Rather than listen to the voices of Vermonters who are crying out for relief, the super majority has chosen to grind their voices silent in the din of the Statehouse. They have chosen to completely ignore and drown out the voices of dissent rather than listen and engage in thoughtful law making. And they have cast their votes for a grand agenda that is not grand at all, but rather arrogant, thoughtless, and unrealistic. And they have left Vermonters behind in the wake of a ship that is headed on a dangerous course. 

Gina Galfetti (R) is the representative for Barre Town and Williamstown.