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Mind, Heart, and Muscle: Reaching Out to Seniors

The size of Vermont’s elder population has been accelerating in the past several years, leading to increased need for services and activities to enrich their lives. Mind, Heart, and Muscle announced the launch of a new not-for-profit organization in Montpelier at the beginning of this month.

Anita Hoy, president and executive director, says the goal is to “create bridges for older adults to others in the community for activities like walking groups, pickleball, or disc golf opportunities. Connecting with others can be transformational. We are committed to reshaping aging in Vermont.”

Hoy, a massage therapist, has learned from seniors at her Montpelier business, Fluidly Moving Body Work, of their hunger for activities to nurture nutrition, fitness, and intellect. The new organization will offer, through a database on its website, ways for people to find activities and services more easily. They plan to steer people over 50 to senior centers, informal walking groups, and other opportunities to address any service gaps within the aging community. They also have a mission to create bridges from medical providers to activities that may help overcome health issues without medication.

Planning began two years ago. Their first job, Hoy explains, is to identify what seniors want and need through surveys and research, initially in central Vermont. 

“After Montpelier, our goal is to extend to the entire state by chunks, beginning with southern Vermont. We invite individuals, community leaders, and organizations to join us in this critical mission.”

Anita Hoy is joined by Hilary Hoffman, education and strategic planning director, in the new venture. For further information, visit mindheartmuscle.org or call 802-279-1678.