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Town Budget, Local Options Tax, $1 Million Property Sale all Pass in Berlin

Nikki Haley and Joe Biden Win Presidential Primary

Early Berlin Town Meeting results showed voters approved all the town articles including a $4.5 million town operating budget, up 11.5% from last year, a 1% local options tax on rooms, meals and alcohol, selling a 1.5-acre parcel of town land to a hotel for $1 million, and every appropriation on the ballot.

Joe Biden won the Democratic presidential primary in Berlin, with 232 out of 267 votes,  while Nikki Haley prevailed over Donald Trump on the Republican ticket. Haley garnered 165 out of 343 votes cast and Trump got 157 votes.

Karla Nuissl, who was appointed to the select board in November 2023 when David Sawyer stepped down, will keep her three-year seat with 508 votes out of 526 cast; there were also 18 write-ins, one “overvote” – when a voter casts more votes than is allowed – and 98 “undervotes” (not counted because of unclear marking).

Ture Nelson –- who recently stepped in as acting town administrator during Vince Conti’s extended absence — will also keep his select board seat; voters approved him for a one-year term with 496 out of 605 votes cast with 109 votes for write-in candidates, and 645 “undervotes.” Write-in candidate Joe Staab was voted in to a third select board seat.

Voters passed the $4,558,276 town budget by a wide margin: 433 voting yes and 166 voting no.

Article 3, which asks voters if they will approve a local options tax, passed 393 for and 216 against with 16 undervotes.

 Article 4, the question of selling 1.5 acres of town property in the travel plaza behind the Comfort Inn & Suites, allows for the creation of a new hotel. Voters passed Article 4 with 394 voting for it, 216 ‘no’ votes, and 28 undervotes.

Also handily passing in Berlin:

Article 5 authorizing a required local match of $400,000 for flood repairs (509-107); Article 6 appropriating $424,296 to the Berlin Volunteer Fire Department (508-111); and Article 7 appropriating $39,866 to the Kellogg Hubbard Library (352-267). Nineteen other appropriations to local organizations all passed as well.