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Letters to the Editor, Mar. 20, 2024

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Help Those Losing Housing

To the Editor:

It is challenging to be a Vermonter today as a thousand people across the state are being displaced from their shelter in motels and asked to sleep on the floor of National Guard armories. Vermonters hold justice as a core value. Where is that justice today? 

The speed with which this decision has been implemented has left many struggling to provide paperwork to remain housed, determine what to do with their possessions, in need of transportation to the armories, and uncertain how they will feed themselves. 

Please give your support by volunteering with or donating to Vermont Interfaith Action and endhomelessnessvt@gmail.com, both of which are working to find solutions for people who are losing their housing. 

Elizabeth M. Parker, Montpelier

Should Out-of-Staters Weigh in on Local School Budgets?

To the Editor:

I’m a neighbor out in East Montpelier. We’re an autism family and our son is having the best time in kindergarten at East Montpelier Elementary School.

I have been following the school budget conversation on Front Porch Forum, and I would like to point out an observation I made this week.

The conversation has been somewhat heated on FPF. There are folks posting passionately and consistently. I reached out to ask them to tea to see if they wanted to discuss their school budget concerns in person with other parents in the community. Their email response was “No,” which didn’t bother me. What actually concerned me was that they told me they live out-of-state, they are not Vermont residents. Yet they are posting about our school budgets? That doesn’t seem OK.

I’m not sure if this influenced these conversations and votes, but there’s at least a conversation to be had here during an election year about out-of-state folks being able to post to our “local” forum. I’m not saying they shouldn’t, I’m just pointing out the influence their opinions can have. Our words carry weight, no matter where they come from.

I love this city (and state ♥︎) so much and we are so grateful to be able to raise our son here. I just feel uncomfortable seeing people from other states muddy the water of our very real, local conversations (second homeowners have different taxes, right? Isn’t that a bigger issue than school budgets, although those need the fine toothed comb, too). I’m not sure, but could this be a way to share disinformation within our state? I don’t know. Maybe it’s worth investigating?

Christina Cottrell, East Montpelier

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