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CVRAN’s Annual March Arts Marathon

Participating CVRAN March Arts Marathon artist Pam Walker, watercolor, 2022. Photo courtesy of CVRAN.
This month, Central Vermont Refugee Action Network (CVRAN) will hold its top fundraiser, the fourth annual March Arts Marathon, in order to support the asylum seekers and refugees that have relocated to Vermont. 

CVRAN has dedicated itself to creating welcoming communities for asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers. To date, the grassroots organization has sponsored asylum seekers from Central and South America, Africa and Russia. 

The volunteers at CVRAN help welcome these new Americans by providing host families, raising funds for basic living expenses, helping with registrations and school enrollment, providing transportation to appointments, schools and stores, as well as providing driving lessons and helping with the purchasing of cars. 

The money raised by this year’s marathon will help provide housing, living expenses and legal fees for the asylum seekers and refugees they are currently assisting. It’s with this spirit that CVRAN invites you to participate in this year’s March Arts Marathon as a sponsor.

Currently, 35-40 participating artists have registered and will be exhibiting artwork  featuring painting, drawing, writing, singing, photography and more.

If you are interested in sponsoring one (or several) artists, sign up at cvran.org/march-arts-marathon. There you will find a list of participating artists, along with a small blurb about why they are participating and what they will be creating. Simply select an artist that you would like to sponsor and fill out a simple form for your one time donation. Once you sign up, the artist is notified that you have chosen to sponsor them. In return, sponsors will receive outreach (email, blog posts, Instagram, etc.) from the artist that includes pictures or files showcasing their art, as well as possible writings or musings that describe the artist’s process. 

For additional information about the marathon, contact Nicola Morris at nicolamorris@mac.com. To see the art that was created over the last few years, visit cvran.org/gallery. For additional ways to support CVRAN, donate at cvran.org/donate, or sign up to be a volunteer at cvran.org/volunteer-registration.