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Up to $16,000 Available for Flooded Businesses with Boosted Efficiency Vermont Rebates

Eric Bigglestone, Capitol Stationers, Blanchard Block
Photo by John Lazenby
Businesses damaged by Vermont’s summer floods can now get up to $16,000 cash back through increased rebates and expanded eligibility from Efficiency Vermont’s flood recovery offers. 

The boosted business rebates offer 100% of costs back on eligible HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, hot water systems, and commercial kitchen equipment such as freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and more. 

Key program updates include: 

  • Increased rebates: Flood-impacted businesses can now recoup 100% of costs on eligible equipment, up to $4,000 per piece. Each business qualifies for up to four pieces of equipment. Taking full advantage of this offer means business owners can receive a maximum award of $16,000. That’s in addition to existing point-of-purchase offers, which can mean hundreds of dollars in additional rebates.
  • Rebates now cover eligible fossil fuel boilers and furnaces. Boilers and furnaces that are ENERGY STAR-certified now qualify for 100% of the rebate, up to $4,000 each.
  • Air sealing and insulation products now qualify. Air sealing and insulation products used to improve a building’s envelope or mechanical insulation applications can now receive a rebate of 100% of the product cost, up to $4,000. When combined with Efficiency Vermont’s Building Performance program, businesses can get up to $9,000 back on eligible weatherization projects. 
  • All rebates are retroactive to July 7, 2023. Efficiency Vermont is proactively contacting businesses who already participated in flood rebate offers to deliver additional dollars for any qualifying products or purchases. 
Equipment eligible for the enhanced rebates must be on Efficiency Vermont’s qualifying products list. Larger fossil fuel-based boilers and furnaces must be individually evaluated by Efficiency Vermont to qualify. Business owners should contact Efficiency Vermont to learn about additional equipment that may qualify for the $4,000 rebate. 

Apply on Efficiency Vermont’s website, or call 888-921-5990 for savings analysis and technical support. Business owners in need of additional assistance can take advantage of low-interest financing through Efficiency Vermont’s Business Energy Loan. 

To date, more than 40 flood-impacted businesses have received roughly $300,000 in Efficiency Vermont flood recovery rebates. 

The expanded business offers are in addition to Efficiency Vermont’s flood recovery rebates for homeowners, renters, and rental property owners. Those rebates have made millions available to replace heating systems and appliances in flood-impacted homes and rental units. Grants from the Agency of Natural Resources also offer bonuses for contractors for prioritizing work in flood-impacted homes, and for adding electrification and resilience efforts to flood-hit homes.