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Pet of the Week: Zazu

Zazu came to CVHS when his family realized they were not a good match for him and wanted him to have a home that could meet his needs. This little firecracker will do best with a lifestyle filled with physical activity, mental stimulation, and an opportunity for some quiet snuggles. Zazu probably did not get great early guidance about interacting with other dogs, so his greetings and play can be rather rude. He would love to have some dog buddies that he can enjoy on walks, or in supervised play, but he is not ready to live with other dogs. His exposure to cats was from a distance, so we don’t know how he’d behave in a household with cats. Zazu would do best with older, dog-savvy kids, so he’s not startled by children grabbing for him. Zazu was not potty trained previously, but this little smarty should figure it out quickly with appropriate, kind potty-training techniques. We will provide adopters good resources for that.

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