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Hexum Gallery Presents ‘Yellow Brick Road’

Michael Gac Levin’s “Date Night,” 2023, Acrylic on canvas. Photo courtesy of Hexum Gallery.
By Eric Sutphin

Hexum Gallery is thrilled to present Yellow Brick Road, a solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Michael Gac Levin. The exhibition is on view from Friday, Dec.1, 2023 through Friday, Jan. 12, 2024 at 16 State Street in Montpelier, on the second floor.

In many families, the kitchen table is the primary site of civilization. It’s where kids learn to behave, to eat, to converse, to listen. It’s a complicated site where raw expression is tempered by lessons in decorum. In the works on view in “Yellow Brick Road,” Michael Gac Levin (b.1984) slyly encodes commonplace objects with personal narratives and recasts them as characters in his own private mythology. In these paintings, a traffic light may stand in for impulse control, a basket of strawberries morphs into architecture, and an ice cream sandwich doubles as a monument.

Gac Levin often depicts objects side-by side, in pairs. This doubling becomes a metaphor for the relationship between children and adults, or, as the artist puts it, between “bigs and smalls.” The forms are often chunky and a little wobbly, as if the things themselves have entered the toddler stage. The tussle between formal structure and free association that ensues is a wry corollary to the very nature of growing up.