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The Access Hub: A Community Crisis Center

Washington County Mental Health Services (WCMHS) has announced the opening of The Access Hub, a program to support people in crisis with immediate, accessible, and flexible services. 

 Located in downtown Montpelier, the program provides person-centered care, meeting emotional and tangible needs and connection to other vital resources. The Access Hub is based on the Living Room model, upholding the principles of the Recovery Model to empower people to feel autonomous, respected, and socially included. 

 The Access Hub team responds holistically to a wide range of mental health needs including peer counseling, mental health care, nursing care, and referrals. The team provides support, assessment, brief treatment, safety planning, and connection to additional services.

 Mary Moulton, executive director of WCMHS, shares more about the vision of the program: “Our community is in need of a wider range of urgent care services for people experiencing mental health and substance use crisis. Right now, many people in distress end up in the emergency department, and this program is designed to be a flexible alternative. Guests at The Access Hub can receive the services and connections they need to stabilize in a calm, warm, and supportive environment.”

The Access Hub welcomes individuals aged 18 and older without requiring a formal referral. Whether you’re a mental health care provider, a first responder, part of a community agency, or a concerned family member, you can support someone in accessing The Access Hub. Alternatively, individuals seeking assistance can choose to come in on their own. To ensure the team is prepared to provide the best support, they kindly request that you call ahead so staff can be ready to greet you upon your arrival.

Located at 34 Barre Street (with an entrance on Downing Street) in Montpelier, The Access Hub will share space with Sunrise Wellness Center. Find more information at wcmhs.org, or contact 802-301-3200, or theaccesshub@wcmhs.org.