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Then and Now, Aug. 23, 2023

The brick building at the southwest corner of State and Main (2 State Street), one of the oldest buildings in the downtown, has withstood fires, floods, and changing styles. It was built in circa 1826 by Chester Hubbard and inherited by his son, Timothy J. Hubbard, in 1832. It escaped the ravages of the 1875 fires, which passed behind it. A similar brick building with parapet gables stood at the northwest corner of State and Main but was demolished in 1900 by James Langdon. 2 State Street sported modern white aluminum siding in 1976 (top photo), but was restored in 1977 (bottom photo). The building was restored a second time in 1998 after a devastating fire. The bottom photo also shows the brick building at 66 Main Street, which was destroyed by fire in 2003.

Photos courtesy of the Montpelier Historical Society; text by Paul Carnahan