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Then and Now, May 3, 2023

Dean K. Lillie, a Montpelier alderman and one-term mayor, shown here in his 1914 Stanley Steamer 606 roadster, lived with his wife and family in this Italianate house at 97 College Street from 1907 until 1932. Lillie was in the granite industry in Montpelier and Barre and was president of Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Company at the time of his death in 1930 at age 54. Lillie raised race horses (at a different property) and participated in horse racing on the ice of the Winooski River. He also owned many early automobiles, including the one in this picture. His house was built in about 1872 by Edwin N. Scoville, a Montpelier furniture dealer, as development on College Street spread north from the arsenal toward Main Street. The appearance of the house today has changed little from when the Lillies resided there except that the shutters have been removed, the second floor over the back porch has been enclosed, and a two-car garage has been created in the barn. 

Thanks to Eric Gilbertson for IDing the car in the historic photo.