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Heard on the Street, May 3, 2023


Hunger Mountain Co-op Café Reopens

The Hunger Mountain Café reopened March 27. According to the hungermountain.coop website, “The space will be open to customers, and the cash register will be staffed daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.” Further, they have repainted the walls, replaced the furniture, and updated signage. The Art in the Cafe program will also be relaunched. Additionally, the Co-op put in a handwashing sink, but asked that patrons use it for handwashing only rather than also rinsing out containers or disposing of food.

Middlesex Contemplating Local Cannabis Control

Middlesex officials are considering establishing a municipal cannabis control commission. Town officials discussed the matter during the April 4 selectboard meeting when Planning Commission Chair Sandy Levine referred the board to “an email she sent along with links outlining the benefits, authority, and limitations of creating a local cannabis control board.” The selectboard could act as the cannabis control board just as it acts as the local liquor-control board now. It could approve applications before sending them on. If approved, anyone wanting to sell cannabis in Middlesex would first need local selectboard approval.

Montpelier Braces for Homeless ‘Exodus’ 

The Homelessness Task Force is collaboratively finalizing a resolution for the Montpelier City Council to discuss regarding the end of the emergency shelter motel program and those exiting such shelters on June 1 and July 1 of this year. The proposal is being reviewed by city staff and is expected to be considered by the city council on May 10.

Northfield Looking into Installing EV Charger Stations

The town of Northfield is seeking to install electric vehicle charging stations within its boundaries. Town Manager Jeff Schulz said the selectboard received information from the Northfield Energy Committee recently, and its chair, Sarah Wolfe, offered the logistics and expense of installing two chargers on Depot Square, according to recent town records. Energy committee members are asking that the selectboard members authorize $5,713 in ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds to help cover installation and other startup expenses. They anticipate other expenses to be covered by the fees EV drivers would pay to charge their vehicles.

Vermont Dog Eats Retail Shop Coming Soon 

Elisa Garcia Rey, owner of Vermont Dog Eats, plans to open a retail shop for her organic dog treats at 5 East State Street by Memorial Day weekend. Rey told The Bridge her new shop is made possible, in part, because of a grant from the Montpelier Development Corporation last year.