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Local Art Abounds

“Pinwheel,” by Christopher Davison. Image courtesy of Hexum Gallery.

Hexum Gallery Opening Reception: ‘Wild Things’ 

Hexum Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition “Wild Things,” curated from the gallery’s permanent collection. The exhibition is on view from Friday, April 7 through Saturday, May 6, with an opening reception on April 7 from 4 to 8 pm.

“Wild Things” brings together a selection of 21 pieces from 19 artists exploring the relationships between nature, fantasy, eroticism, and spirituality. The gallery has chosen a diverse range of works that explore these themes through various mediums and techniques. Collectively, these pieces create a visual dialogue encouraging viewers to celebrate the beauty and intensity of the untamed spirit.

Featured artists include Taylor Carpenter, Amie Cunat, Christopher Davison, Kirsten Deirup, Devra Fox, David Gardner, Kady Grant, Casey Gray, Adam Linn, Robert Lostutter, Eric Lotzer, Kat Lyons, Payton McGowen, Taylor McKimens, Fiona McTeigue, Jacopo Pagin, Christian Rogers, Dennis Scholl, and Riikka Sormunen. The gallery is located at 16 State Street in Montpelier. 

For inquiries and appointments, please contact hexumgallery@gmail.com.

—press release

New Exhibits at T.W. Wood Gallery

The T.W. Wood Gallery has announced two new exhibits opening in April 2023 that celebrate the work of local Vermont artists. 

“The Printmaking Invitational 2023,” curated by Phillip Robertson, features the work of Vermont artists Brian Cohen, Maureen O’Connor Burgess, and Daryl Storrs. The T.W. Wood Gallery hopes to showcase Vermont printmakers as a semi-annual exhibit going forward.

“Michael Strauss: Selected Works,” an exhibit curated for the gallery by South Burlington artist and writer Michael Strauss, offers glimpses of Vermont through bold lines and brightly saturated colors. Each piece presents a vibrant perspective of life in Vermont and holds a particular dream-like quality that is entirely unique to Strauss.

The T.W. Wood Gallery: A Museum of American Art was founded in 1895 by Montpelier native and 19th-century master artist Thomas Waterman Wood. One of the oldest art museums in Vermont, its mission is to preserve local artistic heritage and to bring the best of today’s art to central Vermont. The T.W. Wood Gallery’s permanent collection consists of works by T.W. Wood and his contemporaries and artworks from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) era. The gallery also has two contemporary exhibit spaces, the Nuquist Gallery and the Contemporary Hall, that exhibit the work of regional artists. 

—press release