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Letter to the Editor, March 22, 2023

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Support Community Kitchens

To the editor:

What does a community supported kitchen look like? It’s the trifecta of community funds, community labor, and community being fed with dignity. One intergenerational example resides in an old school in the Barre Street neighborhood of Montpelier — the FEAST Meals on Wheels/Senior Meals kitchen, run by Shalonda James and Poa Mutino. 

Featuring mouth-watering local foods and volunteers ranging from 14 to 84 years in age, the kitchen produces 2,000 meals every week for some of the most lonely and invisible members of our community: homebound elders and homebound people living with disability. 

For some reason, we’re stuck on a grant treadmill in a well-heeled town. Our pitch is this: 400 Montpelier residents donate $100 per year. With this $40,000 we support living wages for our diverse staff AND keep busting the stigma of government slop on a plate that haunts Meals on Wheels nationwide. Visit bit.ly/MFM2023 to donate.

Poa Mutino, Montpelier