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AroMed to Open in New Spot Jan. 6

AroMed, an aromatherapy/crystals/CBD store on State Street, is set to reopen on Main Street adjacent to Capital Cannabis on Jan. 6. Both are owned by Lauren Andrews.

Running the show at AroMed has been Devon Andrews, Lauren’s daughter, according to Lauren Andrews recently. Lauren credits Devon with running AroMed while she has been at the helm of the cannabis shop since Nov. 1. “She’s kept me sane,” Lauren said. They bid a “sad farewell” to the State Street location but look forward to more space and having both stores connected. 

“We are home to the best cannabis flowers in the state,” Lauren said, describing how she carefully chooses her suppliers. 

There will be a “soft opening” at AroMed Friday, Jan. 6, when they will begin selling CBD products, aromatherapy products, sage, perfumes, essential oils, and crystals right next to the cannabis store. Lauren Andrews first opened AroMed in 2013, according to aromedessentials.com.