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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 2, 2022

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Consider Centrist Candidates

To the Editor:

Our system of governance was founded on compromise; a bridging between parties for the greater good. Yet, we often elect representatives from both sides of the aisle who are less likely to compromise than ever. As recent decades have demonstrated, until this bridge is rebuilt, it is unlikely that we’ll see long-term progress on many issues crucial to our nation. 

As voters, we need to recognize our contribution to this reality. Few issues are binary today; we need to stop treating them as such. We need to think more deeply about the repercussions of electing polarizing candidates who represent the “far” from either side. Uncompromising ideals are dangerous and limiting in a diverse and large democracy. 

The difference between the successful progressive movement of the early 20th century and today’s movements, is that the former bridged party lines while today’s divide. Progress toward the greater good requires embracing unifying common goals and values. In this vein, consider centrist candidates who understand the value of working to bridge party lines. Even if you find that you don’t agree with such a candidate on every topic, encouraging both parties to see that the only path to true progress requires compromise and systemic change makes them worth your vote. 

Ian Buchanan, East Montpelier

Vote ‘Yes’ on the Merger

To the Editor:

I’m a native Vermonter and care deeply for my state. My professional background is in finance, and I pay attention to economic trends and details that impact Vermonters. I write today regarding the Vermont State Employee Credit Union merger plan. I support this merger proposal and come to this conclusion after giving it thoughtful consideration. I believe strongly in supporting financial entities that take responsibility for protecting Vermonters and our natural environment. This makes VSECU attractive given their integrity and mission.

VSECU subscribes to “The Real Economy.” This allows for an economy that produces or invests in goods and services that can be consumed or used by individuals such as furniture and food versus a system that looks to extract short-term profit at the expense of people and the environment.

VSECU became the first credit union in the United States to become a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values. This brings a model that is “transparent, sustainable, and supportive of the real economy.” VSECU is a model for recirculating member investments for positive social and environmental outcomes.

With the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit as a guidepost, VSECU and NEFCU grow an established foundation and network that creates positive change through the simple act of banking. Vermonters making a global difference in a practical and pragmatic way. This indicates vision and leadership by a forward-thinking management team.

The merger of VSECU and NEFCU enhances the social, environmental, and economic values they share, which is attractive to consumers. Their combined resources create greater value for an expanded Vermont market and is protection against financial institutions that look to extract value from Vermont rather than add to it.

The preservation and strength of a combined VSECU and NEFCU will serve us well.

Nathan Irons, Shelburne, CEO, Bluestone Life (formerly of Berlin, Montpelier, and Calais)