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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 21, 2022


Abortion a Necessity, Not an Empowerment

To the Editor:

It appears Dan Renfro of Montpelier doesn’t “know a single woman,” period. If he did, he might understand the myriad reasons a late-term abortion might be sought, anything from the doctors discovering that the fetus’s heart formed on the outside of its body at 22 weeks’ gestation, which would mean the baby would not live upon being born, to a life-threatening illness or pregnancy complication for the mother such as placental abruption. None of the late-term abortions happen for “equality or empowerment,” or even as a “sacrifice” of the life of a human being, as Dan suggests. These medical decisions are just that — medical decisions that are in the best interest of the health of the mother (the living, breathing, human being) who can make her own informed and emotionally hard decisions with the help of her doctor and her doctor alone. Laws and judges and governments have no right to infringe upon this basic tenet of freedom: to make one’s own medical, and often life-saving, decisions without political or religious influence. I will vote yes on Prop 5 and I urge everyone who actually knows and supports women and people with uteruses to do the same.

Samantha Kolber, Montpelier

Keep Our Parks Clean

To the Editor,

The other day my mother was walking her usual route in Hubbard Park, and she noticed that on the cistern near the gate near the tower road there was graffiti. It saddened her very much to see that someone had defaced the beautiful nature scene. I hope that we can work together as a community to make sure that our beautiful forest is taken good care of. I think that we also need to appreciate nature more than we do. I hope that we can all come together to make sure our natural parks stay safe, peaceful and untouched.

Edith Taylor, age 9, Montpelier