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Alla Vita Closing Soon 

Photo by J. Gregory Gerdel.
The announcement that Alla Vita, the beautifully appointed specialty olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and wine shop that has graced State Street for nearly a decade, will be closing caught many of its regular customers by surprise.

As has been the situation for many businesses, staff shortages have been a challenging side-effect of the pandemic.

The announcement of the closing was as understated as the softly pleasant music that underscored the ambience of the shop: a brief posting on the shop’s website and a neatly typed page taped to the front door where the current sandwich and salad menu was usually posted.

While owner Adrienne Brownlee has not indicated a date certain for the closing (“on or about September 30”), regular customers should make a point to purchase their favorites soon — including from the thoughtful and varied selection of wines the store has carried, and recently expanded.

The store, and the paninis, salads, and breakfast toasts created there, consistently received top ratings from both locals and visitors to the city.