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Dog Days at the Montpelier Pool

Dog splashing in pool
Cattle dog Sadie Mae focuses hard as she leaps toward the disc thrown by her person, Joan Polyasko of East Montpelier, at the Central Vermont Humane Society's annual Dog Day at Montpelier's municipal pool Aug. 24. Photo by John Lazenby
Every year the City of Montpelier Department of Recreation signals the end of summer by collaborating with the Central Vermont Humane Society to open the city pool to local pups to enjoy before draining the water. This year 189 people and 118 dogs helped raise almost $2,000 for the humane society, according to the Society’s Laurie Garrison, Co-Executive Director of finance and development.

John Lazenby captured the day in the photos below during “Dog Day” on August 24, 2022.

Rheya Newara of Montpelier commands almost all the canine attention in her vicinity as she winds up.
Tom Treece of Barre and his dog Georgie.
woman throwing ball to tan dog in pool
Laura Franske of Montpelier tosses the ball for Digby during the annual Dog Day at Montpelier’s pool.
Black and gray Dog shaking water.
Sadie Mae shakes it off. Photo by John Lazenby