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Letters to the Editor, July 20, 2022

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Second-Class Citizens, Fight Back!

To the Editor: 

This message is for all females, adolescent or adult: It’s now official: Women have been told they are second-class citizens. The shocking Supreme Court ban on abortion rights that erases 50 years of progress for women’s equality suddenly has denied her ability to determine her own future.

So how does it feel…

to lose your reproductive rights?

  • to be forced to carry and care for children you don’t want and can’t afford?
  • to put your health in jeopardy?
  • to lose your economic security?
And how will it feel when this radical right Supreme Court decides (as suggested by one Justice)… 

  • to curtail your access to birth control?
  • to allow the government to dictate whom you can love or marry?
  • to threaten incarceration for a “suspicious” miscarriage?
  • to track and monitor your intimate activities?
Fight back! Vote Democratic so Congress can act to enshrine your rights into law.

Kathy Hollen, East Montpelier

Barre Should Have a State Senator

To the Editor:

Montpelier’s 2020 census figure was 8,024. The combined population of Barre City (8,491) and Barre Town (7,923) during the last census was 16,414, over twice the population of Montpelier. I’ve lived in several locations in Montpelier and worked there as a 30-year state employee. I relished the involvement, spirited debates, and eclectic life of Montpelier. However, the possibility of two former Montpelier mayors representing Washington County as state senators while Barre has none strikes me as fundamentally unfair and wrong for the citizens of Washington County, as does the prospect of all three state senators coming from Montpelier.

What gives me the right to make these bold assertions? I was a state representative from Barre City serving the old North End. And a state senator serving all of Washington County while living in Barre City. Barre Town and Barre City are totally different communities than Montpelier. They have different cultures, traditions, needs, and goals. Barre City is considered the donut hole to Barre Town’s donut and you’ll find friends, relatives and employees living and working in both communities.

I wrote a commentary published on VTDigger’s website, titled “Shouldn’t Barre have a State Senator?” It outlines my thoughts. Fair minded Montpelier residents can appreciate that if Barre ended up with three state senators and Montpelier had none how upset they would rightly feel. 

There are many talented individuals living in Barre who would make a great state senator. I’m hopeful they will shortly find an independent candidate to run for this open seat. I think Washington County voters will appreciate having the choice that a qualified Barre resident would offer. I live in Stowe and now I’ll once again be voting for our three state senators. 

Matt Krauss, Stowe