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Heney Realtors Acquired by Element Real Estate

Tim Heney with Element owners Jessica Bridge and Dan Cypress. Courtesy photo.
Vermont is distinguished by its efforts to minimize the intrusion of large and overbearing roadside signs, but one of the smaller, approved signs familiar to people in the capital region is Heney Realtors. Heney Realtors has recently been acquired by Element Real Estate, and the logo on those for sale signs is about to change, but Heney isn’t going away.

Tim Heney, along with Jessica Bridge and Dan Cypress, owners of Element, regard the new organization as a partnership. It was Heney, in fact, who proposed the acquisition after getting to know Bridge and Cypress. Element has offices in Burlington and Stowe, while Heney Realtors has offices in Barre and Montpelier. 

“The good news is that Heney Relators/Element Real Estate will continue to provide the kind of local, professional services and the values we share,” said Heney. “It also expands our market reach and provides greater expertise in online marketing and social media than we have had before. But the key elements of our operations will remain the same.”

Heney also noted that his family’s other business, Montpelier Property Management, is separate from the acquisition of Heney Realtors by Element. The property management company owns approximately 100 residential units, retail store fronts, office buildings, and restaurant facilities.

In announcing the acquisition, Bridge and Cypress wrote, “Our values and ethics are seamlessly aligned, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to work with Tim Heney and the agents at Heney Realtors. The Heney name is synonymous with integrity and expertise, as is evidenced by the reputation and strength of the Heney agents.”

Heney Realtors was founded in 1956 by Tim’s father, Bud Heney. Tim Heney said he is excited by the shared values and commitment to business integrity he found with Element. “We have tried participating in three different franchise organizations over the years. It was never a good fit,” he said.

Meanwhile, Heney expects the new signage will be coming out soon.