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Celebrating Ed Koren

photo of man in dark blue tee with blue fire dept baseball cap on, slightly unshaven gray beard.
Ed Koren tips his hat to the many community members who came out to express their love for him last weekend. Photo by John Lazenby.
Brookfield and a broader slice of the Vermont community turned out Sunday, July 17, to honor Brookfield volunteer fireman and famed New Yorker magazine cartoonist Ed Koren with a parade of area fire trucks and a throng of well-wishers. Koren, who is in declining health, sat on a lounge chair in front of his family’s house in the middle of Brookfield village with his wife, Curtis, and son Ben and waved as the trucks rolled by. Local firemen stopped and walked over to express their best wishes to Koren, who was delighted by the event and the honor of hearing from so many friends. Ever the supporter of volunteer fire fighting, he made a plea for people to volunteer in their communities and in their fire departments and thanked everyone for coming. All photos below are by John Lazenby.