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Stop Hogging Street Parking

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To the Editor: 

Montpelier street parking is not personal property for property owners to store their vehicles. Do they ever consider that other residents might want to have family, friends, various home health or maintenance services visit or celebrate holidays? Especially elderly, who oftentimes have visitors who have mobility challenges as well, and you deny them a place to park? 

An example is Wilder Street, with only six parking spaces on the one side you are allowed to park. At least three spaces are taken by property owners who have spaces in their own driveways to park their multiple vehicles. A silver truck, which has not moved for 14 days straight, owned by a one-person household with a two-vehicle space driveway, stores the truck on the street for weeks at a time. At the bottom of Monsignor Crosby Avenue is a seven-apartment building and only one off-street parking space.

Streets close to downtown, like St. Paul and Hubbard streets, and others, suffer from the many downtown employees who choose to take over residential street spaces for the entire day to avoid paying the meters. 

City council constantly talks about the vehicle problem from the gas emissions standpoint and yet does nothing to create an ordinance that there must be the number of off-street parking on the properties equal to the number of vehicles each property has. And do not grandfather the older ones. 

Shame on the street hogs. Street parking is meant for visitors. 

Brian Resnick, Montpelier