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Heard on the Street

Photo by Carla Occaso.
Montpelier Rec Facilities Becoming More Accessible

The Montpelier pool now has railings and ramps that conform to the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act to make the pool more accessible to those with disabilities. Additionally, a contractor is ready to start work on showers, bathroom stalls, and changing areas after this summer. The city is also working to make a section of the Hubbard Park Interpretive Trail more accessible. The universally accessible section will go from the New Shelter to the Stone Tower for about 0.6 miles.

Chestnut Place Senior Living has yet to Open

Despite assurances they would open to seniors in April 2022, the Chestnut Place senior living facility in Berlin by the Berlin Mall has yet to open. The Bridge published a story in November 2021 that the housing unit planned to open in late March, according to co-owner Brad Dousevicz of Essex-based Dousevicz Real Estate Management. However, if you drive by the facility this weekend, you will see the front area still has portable toilets and a trailer in front of what looks like an abandoned, unfinished project. Emails to property owners were not returned, but we hope to get updates to this story soon.

Uncommon Market has Closed

If you drive through town frequently, you have noticed the Uncommon Market has had paper over the windows for several weeks now. The last market-related post on its Facebook page is dated March 30. It is followed by a posting June 2 with a photo of a child playing in the sand with the words “Uncommon Market is in Duxbury, Mass.” No mention of whether the store is temporarily closed or whether it is permanently closed is made on the Facebook page. Some attempts to reach the Uncommon Market were unsuccessful.

Catalytic Converter Thefts on the Rise

The Montpelier Police Department reports several recent thefts of catalytic converters from area businesses and parking lots. The most recent incident happened at the Dog River Park and Ride, according to the department’s website. Information provided by the police indicates that thieves target Toyota Priuses because they are lighter weight. They suggest preventing theft by parking in well-lit, visible locations in view of security cameras. Also, install motion-detecting lights at home, if applicable. Please call the department at 802-223-3445 if you see anything suspicious.

Compiled by Carla Occaso