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Pet of the Week: Dot

Dot is unsure of herself in new situations, and is a bit hesitant when meeting new people. As she appropriately experiences new places and people with us, she is building confidence, and learning new things equals good things! We are already seeing her confidence build, and she’s feeling comfortable with people more quickly now. You may need to visit her at CVHS more than once for her to fall in love with you. Once she has warmed up to someone, she loves lap snuggles, playing with toys, and running in our yards. She’s working on her leash skills, and will need someone to continue with her Positive Reinforcement training.

Dot’s previous owner reports that she lived with children over 9 years old and with other dogs, and would love a dog friend. While she has been with us, she has LOVED playing in the yards with other dogs. She’s a rough-and-tumble kind of play-style, and loves to be chased. She cannot live around small prey animals, such as chickens or cats.

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