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No Mow May

This Berlin Street lawn shows that simply by refraining from mowing for the month of May, citizens can help native pollinators take advantage of the many natural spring blooms that provide nourishment to them. Photo by Cassandra Hemenway.
Have you been delighting in the dandelions, violets, forget-me-nots, ground ivy, and other spring flowers blooming amid Montpelier’s un-mowed lawns this May? The reason has roots in a recent city council resolution: No Mow May.

According to a May 13 post on the city of Montpelier Facebook page “By simply eliminating or sharply reducing the mowing of your lawn and allowing more flowers to bloom offers bees and other pollinators a wonderful playground of floral resources at a critical time in their lifecycle. Studies have shown this simple act can increase abundance and diversity of wildlife in your yard, especially pollinators.”

The No Mow May resolution was submitted by Councilor Jack McCullough and passed on April 27. 

“As the love for your lawn flowers grows, you might consider mowing less frequently the rest of the year,” the post continues. “When mowing becomes necessary, setting the cut height of 4 to 5 inches allows for better habitat regrowth and continued pollinator benefits during the summer months. Consider turning your lawn into a “bee lawn” by seeding Dutch clover and other low growing flowering plants like creeping thyme, self-heal, and native violets.”