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Letters to the Editor, May 25, 2022

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Help Welcome Moroccan Teacher

To the Editor:

I am reaching out to ask our community to help welcome a visiting teacher from Morocco.

We are so excited that Twinfield Union School will be hosting an Arabic teacher from Morocco next school year. This teacher will be teaching Arabic to students at Twinfield, as well as hosting community cultural events and other outreach. This is an amazing opportunity for our community to learn about another culture and language and to share our own culture!

Are you able to help? We are looking for a short-term host family for two to three weeks in August to help the teacher get settled in the community. For the rest of the year, we are looking for a long-term homestay, small apartment, etc. (rent paid by sponsoring organization) in the Montpelier area. If you are interested in getting involved in other ways, you can join our community network to provide occasional support and friendship to this teacher! 

For more information, please contact Sydney at programs@spiralinternational.org.

Thank you!

Sydney Estey-Dedell, Burlington

No More SCOTUS Lifetime Appointments

To the Editor:

Certain religions decree no birth control, no abortion. What happened to “separation of church and state?” It takes two to create. So shouldn’t the men who contributed the sperm be forced then to pay the bills involved to bring up this child until age 21? So you want to be the judge and jury over every woman but not the man? Consider not allowing people to make their own choice. Next thing, the government will not be allowing surgeries or medicine. It is NOT up to the government. Millions of children not wanted, waiting for adoption that will never come. Did any of you think about the children? Supreme Court judges should absolutely not be a lifetime appointment. They say they aren’t political but they absolutely are.

Edward Collins, Montpelier