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Ethan Parke Announces Candidacy for State Representative

Montpelier resident Ethan Parke recently announced that he will be a candidate in the Democratic primary for State Representative from Washington-4, the district that includes all of Montpelier.

Parke said his candidacy will focus on ideas to improve the quality of life for all Vermonters, such as health care access, creating more preschool and child care options for working families, quality affordable housing, and safeguarding the dignity and independence of senior citizens.

“We’re living in unprecedented times,” said Parke. “A pandemic that won’t quit. A war in Europe. An abundance of job openings and not enough job applicants. Very high rents and real estate values; skyrocketing gas and grocery prices. Expensive health insurance that can’t be used because the deductibles are so high. Lots of small business turnover and economic uncertainty.”

“And yet we have much to be proud of. An excellent public school system, a cohesive and friendly community, a city that attracts many visitors, and beautiful open spaces. I am eager to work on the problems while also helping to sustain all the good that we have created together.”

A long-time Montpelier resident and former dairy farmer, Parke once served on the Vermont Health Policy Council — appointed by former Governor Howard Dean to represent low-income Vermonters. He co-founded two health reform advocacy organizations and was elected several times to the Montpelier Parks Commission, serving a stint as chairperson. He was employed for many years by the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board.

The primary election will be held August 9.