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MHS Update: Resignations and Replacements 

photo of Montpelier High school with blooming apple tree
Montpelier High School in spring. Photo courtesy MHS website.
Two long-time staff members from Montpelier High School, Jennifer Wall-Howard and Nancy Fitzpatrick, are retiring their positions as assistant principal and registrar/SAT coordinator, respectively. Both Wall-Howard and Fitzpatrick worked at Montpelier High School for over 20 years. They join an exodus of school workers at the Montpelier Roxbury Public Schools who have resigned or retired in the 2021–2022 school year. 

In March, the district posted job listings for assistant principal and registrar at the high school. The replacement process is currently underway.

Assistant Principal Jennifer Wall-Howard, also known as Jen, submitted her resignation “about one month ago,” according to Superintendent Libby Bonesteel. 

An interview team assembled and chose candidates, Bonesteel said. They interviewed candidates on Wednesday March 30. Two finalists met with staff members and students on Monday, April 4. The hiring committee consists of students, staff members, caregivers, Jason Gingold (the new MHS principal), and Matt McLane, director of Flexible Pathways at Montpelier High School.

“The two finalists are Emily Therrien and Jessica Murray. Social media posts are forthcoming,” Bonesteel added. 

When asked about how the community is involved in this search, Bonesteel stated: “Caregivers are on the interview team.” 

According to SchoolSpring.com, “MHS is searching for an assistant principal for its outstanding 400 current students and 80 staff members. We are a school that values cultural inclusivity, collaboration, high levels of learning for all students, and flexible pathways for students to explore.” The start date is August 2022. 

Jen Wall-Howard said: “I love my job. … Assistant principal is the best position in the district! I have been at MHS for 30 years and I am retiring …” 

The administrative assistant/registrar job listing is also available at SchoolSpring.com, which lists the start date as July 1, 2022. However, the SAT coordinator role will not be replaced.

On April 1, Registrar and SAT Coordinator Nancy Fitzpatrick emailed the MHS community with her retirement announcement. “After 20 years as the Registrar/Guidance Admin Assistant, I am retiring on June 30, 2022.” Fitzpatrick’s position as the test center supervisor for the SAT was not a requirement of registrar work and will end when she leaves. 

“I have enjoyed being able to offer this service to our students and those in surrounding communities. COVID’s impact has been felt in many different ways with respect to the SAT, the biggest being the decision by many colleges and universities to become test optional through the 2022–2023 application cycle. Many may continue beyond that,” said Fitzpatrick. 

The email also stated that MHS will no longer offer SAT testing after June 4, 2022. Fitzpatrick referred to the College Board website as a resource to learn of other schools in the area that offer SAT test administration. However, the PSAT will continue to be offered at MHS in Fall 2022.