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Heard on the Street, March 23, 2022


Easter Egg Hunt Afoot

It looks like it’s a ‘go’ for an Easter Egg hunt this year in Hubbard Park. The Montpelier Recreation Advisory Board reports that during their March 14 meeting they scheduled the event for April 16. The Chocolate Egg Hunt is currently scheduled to start at 10 a.m. for people aged 12 years and under.

Bent Nails Bistro’s Exterior Sculptures Approved

Bent Nails Bistro, located at the former Sweet Melissa’s establishment at 4 Langdon Street, applied for permission to affix statues on the exterior of its building, among other things. The application, submitted to the Design Review Board in December, asks to add art sculptures hanging from the river side of the building and to add new lighting plus a menu board. According to documents filed with the city, and the meeting video, sculptures include a shark, a dragon, and an octopus. Board member Stephen Everett asked questions about the artwork that will be hung during the March 7 meeting aired on ORCA media.

Bent Nails had received permission for solar lights, but the solar lights didn’t work, so they asked for permission to install electric lights powered by a new conduit to power lights on either side of the entryway door. Additionally, the venue sought to put out a menu board. All requests were approved.

Montpelier Police to Test E-Bikes

The Montpelier Police Department seeks to continue the bike patrol program. According to a recent report on the city’s website, the department is looking for ways to continue the program, but there are challenges, such as terrain and the distance officers have to travel responding to calls. “It is crucial that we arrive where our community needs us to be quickly and not exhausted,” states a post on the police department’s Facebook page. A possible solution being eyed by the department is in the form of an electric TOP 3.0 e-bike to test from Delfast. “Delfast has been operating in Ukraine since 2014 as a delivery service. Their couriers on electric bicycles were the first who could deliver online orders all over Kyiv in under an hour,” according to the report. More on Delfast can be found at eu.delfastbikes.com. For the next several days, members of the public will see Montpelier Police officers field testing the e-bikes.

—Compiled by Carla Occaso