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Bonds Pass Handily in Montpelier Elections

Voters cast their ballots at the 2022 Town Meeting in Montpelier. Photo by Cassandra Hemenway
By Cassandra Hemenway

At this year’s Town Meeting, Montpelier voters handily passed all four bond votes totaling $27.2 million, the city budget, the school budget, plus nearly $400,000 for the Kellogg Hubbard Library. Incumbent Mayor Anne Watson bested her opponent, Stephen Whitaker.

In all, 2,271 people – or 37% of registered voters – participated, including five non-citizen voters. The active voter list has 6,126 people on it, according to City Clerk John Odum. Voter turnout was strong, but “nothing especially remarkable,” Odum said. 

In the closest vote by far, with 1,205 for and 1,021 against, voters approved a hotly debated $2 million bond for the purchase of the 138-acre parcel of land formerly owned by the Elks Club. The land purchase is slated for housing and recreation, but specific plans are not yet in place.

An additional $25.2 million in bonds were approved for wastewater plant upgrades and a long list of infrastructure improvements throughout the city. 

The only contested city council seats were in District 3: Jennifer Morton, who had been appointed to fill a seat formerly held by Dan Richardson, will serve on the city council for another year, with 371 votes. Her opponent, Gene Leon, garnered 233 votes. Cary Brown, spouse of City Clerk John Odum, also won a seat in District 3 with 395 votes, against Alice Goltz, who got 172 votes. 

The Montpelier Roxbury Public School board has a new member: Seiji Ohashi, who will serve alongside Emma Bay-Hansen, who was voted in for a second term on the board with 1,314 votes. Ohashi won 965 votes, and William Alexander earned 628 votes.

The Montpelier city website features the complete list of voting results, as seen below:

(see it here: montpelier-vt.org/162/City-Clerk)

City Meeting 2022 Results


Stephen Whitaker, 318

Ann Watson, 1751

Dan Jones (write-in), 50

Cemetery Commission, 5 year

Jake Brown, 1828

Cemetery Commission, 2 year

Kurt Kuehl, 410

Therese Mageau, 1046

Park Commissioner

Emily Donaldson, 981

Page Guertin, 675

Council District 1

Dona Bate, 525

Council District 2

Conor Casey, 653

Council District 3

Cary Brown, 395

Alice Goltz, 172

Council District 3 1-year

Gene Leon, 233

Jennifer Morton, 371

School Director

William Alexander, 628

Emma Bay-Hansen, 1314

Seiji E. Ohashi, 965

School Clerk

Tammy Legacy, 1579

School Treasurer

Shelley Quinn, 1616


Kimberley B. Cheney, 1649

Article 5 (city budget)

Yes, 1767

No, 399

Article 6 (school budget)

Yes, 1602

No, 573

Article 7 (school reserve fund)

Yes, 1450

No, 691

Article 8 (mayor compensation)

Yes, 1888

No, 295

Article 9 (council compensation)

Yes, 1861

No, 308

Article 10 (school director compensation)

Yes, 1823

No, 336

Article 11 (school fund balance)

Yes, 1808

No, 320

Article 12 (State Street bond)

Yes, 1829

No, 350

Article 13 (various infrastructure projects bond)

Yes, 1622

No, 554

Article 14 (Elks Club land purchase bond)

Yes, 1205

No, 1021

Article 15 (wastewater plant upgrades bond)

Yes, 1869

No, 352

Article 16 (Downtown Improvement District)

Yes, 1487

No, 682

Article 17 (Kellogg Hubbard Library budget)

Yes, 1968

No, 261

Article 18 (Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice)

Yes, 2046

No, 161

Article 19 (CVPSA)

Yes, 1792

No, 374