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Heard on the Street, 2.9.22


A ‘Latte’ of Vehicles Block Traffic Lately; Fines/Arrests Possible

Complaints are rolling in to the Montpelier Police Department about people blocking traffic while waiting to get into popular businesses along the Berlin Street/River Street/Route 2 corridor. While officials didn’t say it by name, police are encouraging Dunkin’ Donuts customers to avoid blocking traffic on the main roadway while waiting to turn into the drive-through (or, as it is spelled by the company, “drive thru”). To quote a recent posting on the MPD Facebook page: “This (blocking traffic) could also be avoided by pulling into the lot and parking in order to make a purchase instead of waiting in line for a drive-through, as one example.” Another popular hotspot is the car wash on the corner of Barre Street and River Street/Route 2, where vehicles often spill out into the main roadway. 

Police state on the Facebook posting, “Stopping or standing in the traveled portion of a roadway is prohibited and can result in a fine or arrest, depending on the circumstances.”

Greyhound to Stop at Transit Center Soon

Greyhound buses will begin servicing the Transit Center in about two weeks, according to the Feb. 1 minutes of the Montpelier Transportation Infrastructure Committee. Service is expected to start there on Feb. 14, a city report states. On a different transportation-related topic, the committee is working on a plan to ease access from the bike path to the Dog River recreation field and the Park and Ride.

New Memory Care Unit at Gary Residence Planned

Paperwork has been filed for a new memory care facility at the Gary Residence at 149 Main Street in Montpelier. According to a site plan prepared by DeWolfe and Associates, the addition would have a rooftop terrace and a memory garden shielded from public view by a wall. Drawings can be found on the city website at montpelier-vt.org.

Connor Bros. File Application for New Uses at Former Granite Shed Property

Connor Bros. Redevelopment Co. LLC has filed a development application for 43 Granite Shed Lane. The application, signed and filed by owner and applicant Fred Connor on Dec. 23, 2021, is a major site plan review for new uses. The property is currently permitted for office, manufacturing, warehouse, and storage. Proposed new uses include indoor retail sales and service, office, restaurant, restaurant take-out, food service contractor, lab or tech. facility, and light manufacturing. The 1.6-acre property is located across Granite Shed Lane from properties near Hunger Mountain Co-op.

—Compiled by Carla Occaso