Home Commentary Heard on the Street, 2.23.22

Heard on the Street, 2.23.22


Bailey Road to Move, Expand Offerings

Bailey Road, an upscale clothing and accessories boutique located at 44 Main Street, is moving. Owner Sarah DeFelice plans to open at the new location on 75 Main Street (the former location of No. 9 Boutique) March 19. The move will more than double the retail space, from 1,000 square feet to 2,300 square feet, so DeFelice told The Bridge she is adding several new categories of items. In addition to clothing, accessories and gifts, she will add home decor and furniture such as accent chairs, couches, and rugs. She will also have a selection of large scale art — some pieces from an art gallery in Atlanta. And to go with the hot new furnishings, DeFelice will sell what she is calling “entertainment ware,” such as charcuterie boards and accessories and bar items (drink shakers, glassware, bar carts, etc.) “It is going to feel like a Bailey Road for your closet and home,” she said. 

And DeFelice is also moving in an interesting fashion direction. She is going to add a line of clothing called a “dapper collection,” which has a men’s wear feel but can be worn by either men or women. “Not a men’s line exactly … more androgyny,” she said.

Potholes, Water Leaks, and Rough Roads, Oh My!

City officials were questioned and criticized about the water leaks and potholes around town during the Feb. 9 city council meeting. Citizen Vicki Lane wanted to know about the leak on the Barre-Montpelier Road by Tractor Supply. It had caused deep pot holes on both sides of the street. Citizen Stephen Whitaker asked about the leak on East State Street. Donna Barlow Casey, director of public works, said staff members are out working on multiple leaks and other challenges. “It is an ongoing situation,” she said.

Group Revives Historical Society

After a long dormancy, the Montpelier Historical Society is getting rejuvenated. With a newly elected chair and board of directors, the group is seeking new members and a local site to work on its collection. Founded in 1996, the Montpelier Historical Society fizzled out in 2010, but recently, with the help of new chair George Edson, among others, it has been reactivated. Learn more at montpeliervthistoricalsociety.org.

Ksherpa Dinner House LLC Announces Opening

Last week, Ksherpa announced via Facebook that their first day of operation would be Friday, Feb 18th. The cheerful South Asian restaurant, its walls adorned with colorful art and objects representing the Himalayan region, is located at 28 Main Street (former Bagitos) and owned by chef Kamal Sherpa. The menu features South Asia dishes with a focus on Nepal, Tibet, India, and China. Regional curries, dumplings/momo, noodle soup (thukpa), roast tandoori chicken, stir-fried chow mein noodles, biryani/fried rice, and vegetarian curries (some vegan options) are listed. 

—Compiled by Carla Occaso with Chris Therrien and Cassandra Hemenway contributing