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Barre City Reps Receive Anti-Semitic Mail

This postcard was sent to two Barre City state representatives who have condemned the message. Courtesy photo.
Two Barre City Vermont state representatives each received a postcard featuring two anti-Semitic messages last week. Rep. Tommy Walz, D-Washington 3, and Rep. Peter Anthony, D-Washington 3 condemned the postcard in a public statement released today.  

Before sending out the statement, Rep. Walz said in an email that he reached out to 26 Barre public officials for signatures, but only 12 responded to sign the statement, and that includes Walz and Anthony.

“That in itself is disappointing, since condemning hate speech should cut through politics and be an easy decision for everyone,” Walz added.

The statement reads: 

“Representatives Anthony and Walz recently received a mailing that contained anti-semitic messages. We condemn that sort of speech and the undersigned are committed to making Barre an inclusive and welcoming community.

We hope that people of all political persuasions will join us in the effort.”

Peter Anthony, Vermont State Rep           

Amanda Gustin, Barre City Justice of the Peace

Jake Hemmerick, Ward 1 City Councilor and candidate for Mayor       

Sue Higby, former member of Barre City Council, Ward 1 and Candidate for Barre City Council, Ward 1

Rich Morey, candidate for Mayor and former Barre City Councilor

Ericka Reil, Ward 3 Barre City Councilor

Samn Stockwell, Ward 3 Barre City Councilor

Mark Tatro, Tatro’s Appliance Store 

Leslie Walz, former school nurse and of spouse to Rep. Tommy Walz          

Tommy Walz, Vermont State Rep

Teddy Waszazak, Ward 2, Barre City Council

Jonathan Williams, resident, Barre City

Both the messages appear to be made with a manufactured rubber stamp using black ink, with a blank space for the user to handwrite their epithet of choice. In this case, the sender wrote the word “jew,” lowercase, in blue pen into both messages.