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Water Main Break on Nelson Street

MONTPELIER – Once again, a water main has broken on Nelson Street. It trapped one man in his basement temporarily, and shot water 50 feet into the air, according to Victor Hinojosa, a Montpelier Police Department patrol officer on the scene. 

Hinojosa said when the water main broke early in the evening on Friday, Jan. 28, it first shot up like a geyser, then settled down and created an icy path down Nelson and Barre streets. Officers shut down one lane of Barre Street for a short time, while the Montpelier Public Works Department broke up the ice, plowed, and salted the area.

When The Bridge came on the scene at 6:00 p.m., the water was still flowing copiously from about halfway up the steep hill of Nelson Street and creating a steady flow down Barre Street. The city will have to shut off the water on Nelson Street tonight, Hinojosa said.

A water main broke at the corner of Ridge and Nelson streets almost exactly three years ago, in February 2019, causing extreme damage to the road. 

Tonight’s water main break was still an active scene as of the writing of this report at 6:38 p.m., Jan. 28, and further updates were not available at that time.