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Letters to the Editor, 1.26.22

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New Bus System Does Not Work

To the Editor:

Anticipating not being able to drive in the future, I bought a house on Berlin Street specifically because of the ease of using the Hospital Hill bus.

In the past, if my car wasn’t working or accessible, I could hop on the bus at regular times and ride to downtown Montpelier, shop, and at a regular time, hop back on the bus and ride home. Or I could ride up to CVMC at a regular time and ride back home at a regular time.

Now, in order to use the bus, planning is necessary. I understand that the new system serves people who don’t live on the old set bus routes, but the new system does not work for those of us who do live on the old fixed bus routes.

I see the buses going up and down Berlin Street, often with only one rider. Granted with COVID that might be a good idea. But hopefully when COVID is no longer such a problem, Green Mountain Transit will go back to the old set-route system perhaps with alterations or upgrades.

I believe the new system is serving fewer people.

Rebecca Sheppard, Montpelier

Support Bottle Bill Reform

To the Editor:

Vermont’s bottle bill has not been updated since 1972. In an article by Rep. Scott Campbell, D-Caledonia 3, published last April in the Caledonian Record, he states, “With the proliferation of beverage types since 1972 — juices, iced teas, sports drinks, even water — less than half of beverage containers are covered by the bottle bill today.”

The H.175 bottle bill currently on the Senate floor keeps the deposit at a nickel, but also applies it to non-carbonated beverages as well as wine bottles. Some may argue that they already recycle those containers through “zero-sort” recycling; but as Campbell points out, “[The bill] will divert more plastic and glass and aluminum containers to redemption centers and away from the waste stream. Those containers will be cleaner, more valuable, and more likely to be reused to make new containers, than what comes out of the mixed-material “zero-sort” recycling system.” It will also incentivize people who choose not to recycle to do so, lest they lose money.

The recycling and redemption of waste material is still voluntary in Vermont, but not doing so is no longer a viable option. There are too many of us, consuming too much and creating too much waste, to be sustainable.

Fortunately, we have an opportunity in front of us. If you live in Washington County and care about our environment, I urge you to let Senator Ann Cummings — who chairs an important committee that this bill must move through — know how critical H.175 is for the state and our collective future.

It is time Vermont passed a bottle bill that reflects the needs of the 21st century: to reduce waste and litter, increase recycling, and encourage better stewardship of a world our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren can all live in.

Diana Weggler, Northfield

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