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Letters to the Editor, 1.12.22


Stop the War on Those Living Unhoused

To the Editor:

Unfortunately, during times of war whether it be actual armed conflict or certain attempts at addressing social woes and related social injustice, either due to fear or ignorance (or both), there are those who often take aim at as well as blame the innocent victims of these wars, not of war and warring itself. As has been duly noted by others, this has also proven to be true of the war on poverty. 

It seems that, although given how the root causes of homelessness can in fact be clearly traced and attributed to poverty, as a society we have consistently been doing much the same with those who find themselves living unhoused. Why is it not obvious that the ongoing war on those who are living unhoused must be brought to an abrupt end and cease victimizing victims who have oftentimes been repeatedly traumatized, abused, neglected, and rejected (posed rhetorically)?

There do exist different as well as better ways to more meaningfully address these and related matters both in the here and now as well as into the future. Let us begin by putting an end to the aiming at as well as blaming and shaming of those who are impoverished and living unhoused. We as a society are capable of doing much better. It is high time that we do so.

Morgan W. Brown, Montpelier

‘Earth Keepers’ Promotes Healing and Spiritual Engagement

To the Editor: 

Cultivating Peace Vermont is a Vermont-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in September 2020 by two practitioners of engaged Buddhism and mindfulness meditation as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. Cultivating Peace formed in response to a world of increasing polarization, unrest, materialism, and violence. Our community offerings have included dharma book groups, days of mindfulness, community ceremony, and art sessions to promote reflection, nonviolent action, and community connection.

In “Your True Home: Everyday Wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh,’’ he states: “ I have heard some people predict that the twenty-first century will be a century of spirituality. Personally, I think it must be a century of spirituality if we are to survive at all. In our society, there is so much suffering, violence, despair, and confusion. There is so much fear. How can we survive without spirituality?”

One of our main efforts in the coming year is the production of a ceremonial musical “Earth Keepers,” which highlights the connection between Earth and humans.

Cultivating Peace’s vision for this musical is to have it seen by a wide audience, providing a forum for people to participate in healing the wounds of violence and remembering our connection to each other and this Earth. Cultivating Peace is currently seeking support in the form of sponsorships or grants to bring a summer 2022 performance of “Earth Keepers” to central Vermont.

We want your help. Contact Mary Mullaney or Ginger Cloud at cultivatingpeacevermont@gmail.com with any questions or for additional information about this meaningful project. You can learn more about ways to be involved with Earth Keepers at cultivatingpeacevermont.org/earth-keepers.

Ginger Cloud, Barre, treasurer, Cultivating Peace Vermont

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