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Local Students Bring Holiday Cheer to Montpelier

Original holiday graphics created by students at the Central Vermont Career Center are projected on the side of Roam Vermont on Langdon Street. Photo courtesy of Montpelier Alive.
Montpelier’s holiday decorations have stepped up a notch this year, with a collaboration between Montpelier Alive and students at the Digital Media Arts program at the Central Vermont Career Center in Barre. If you find yourself crossing the Langdon Street bridge after 5 p.m., you might catch the series of holiday-themed animations projected onto buildings over the river. The seven-minute show loops continuously and features dozens of original animations that celebrate central Vermont and the many holidays celebrated locally.

The show is visible from the Langdon Street bridge in Montpelier nightly from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. through the end of the year. 

“This is a true community effort, and it was a joy to work with local students to bring their budding artistic talent to our downtown,” said Montpelier Alive Executive Director Dan Groberg. 

“We were excited to help Montpelier Alive spread winter cheer and showcase our students’ artwork,” said Matthew Binginot, teacher in the Digital Media Arts Program. “The students hope you enjoy their work and invite you to check out more of their work at https://cvccdigitalmediaarts.com

The Holiday Projection Show is part of the Community Projection Project presented by Montpelier Alive and the city of Montpelier Public Art Commission with support from Gabe Lajeunesse, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones, Didi Brush, Don Marsh, and other local donors.

For more information on additional holiday events in Montpelier, visit www.montpelieralive.org/holidays 

Central Vermont Career Center Digital Media Art students Aidan Salisbury, Ben Skinder, Bryce Youk, Charlie McCaffrey, Cokie Seitz, Devin Graves, Elliott Muller, Felix Kadlec, Gino Masi, Hannah Hallett, Jarrid Dodge, Logan McManis Brown, Maca McCuen, Galen Abel, Olivia Moran, Rowan Harple, and Ty Thornton all contributed to a projected animated holiday project visible on Langdon Street in Montpelier from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. until the end of the year. Courtesy photo.
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