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Recreation and Community Center Plans Announced

Architectural rendering of the HUB.
A group of local recreation enthusiasts have formed a 501(c)(7) nonprofit to create The HUB, a four-season multi-sport recreational and social center for individuals and families in the Montpelier region.  On Nov. 17 the Montpelier Recreation Department will present information to the Montpelier City Council about HUB’s plans. 

The HUB is planned as a socially responsible, net-zero, community-oriented membership center located in Montpelier and serving surrounding communities. The HUB will bring affordable, accessible opportunities for learning and playing racquet sports, pickleball, Nordic skiing, disc golf, bouldering, and virtual golf, plus a mountain biking pump track and other social and recreational opportunities to all central Vermonters. Developers of The HUB are also in discussions with Capitol Soccer.

The developers of The HUB plan to construct a sports barn and other indoor and outdoor facilities and be open for business between 12 and 18 months from now. 

The owners of the land where The HUB will be built are excited to collaborate in this venture. They plan to retrofit an existing building to include a restaurant and bar, locker rooms with shower facilities, a lounge, meeting rooms, game and activity rooms, and childcare for members of The HUB. 

The HUB has launched a fundraising campaign, and donations can be tax deductible through the Montpelier Foundation. Gifts can be made online by choosing The HUB at www.montpelierfoundation.org/donate. Area residents can also volunteer to serve on one of The HUB’s board committees, particularly its fundraising or marketing committees. A HUB website is in development and will be launched in the next week at thehubvt.org.
For more information, call or email board chair Ethan Atkin at ethanatkin@thehubvt.org or call 802-522-2701.